Development and Design

A form is born – from the idea to commercial viability

Naturally we use 2D and 3D systems to develop our products. VISI CAD has proved to be an effective system for our requirements as a company.
We can process all the standard data formats (STEP, CATIA, PARASOLID, ACIS...). Structures can be consistent throughout with VISI CAD, from the design to the CNC programming and right through to the machine, resulting in smooth processes and swift cycles when working on projects.

  • Advice on the development of products for our customers which are suitable for plastics and production
  • Design and manufacture of test tools
  • Integration of new technologies relating to materials, heating, coatings, etc.

Design, production and optimisation of injection moulds:

  • Moulds for multi-component injection technology
  • Moulds with inserts (spools, contacts)
  • Moulds for parts with specific requirements in relation to the visible surface (facings, fibre-optic conductors, chromium parts)
  • Moulds for non-thermoplastic materials (metal injection moulding, silicone, hot-melt)
  • Risk assessment in accordance with Machinery Directive and CE marking on moulds