Trainee excursion to the company HTO


After a break of 2 years we could continue with our annual trainee excursions.

Therefore we visited the company HTO in Friesenheim.

We learned everything about the different hardening methods they use  in their company.


Thank you for this opportunity!

retirement thomas kuhner


After 26 Years in our company, Thomas Kuhner arrived his well-deserved retirement.

We wish him for his future all the best!

successfully passed examination


We congratulate our trainees Cecilia and Nicolas to their successfully passed examination.

We are happy that bought of them will stay at our company.

They will strenghten our departments design and wirecutting.


Formula Student Team munichmotorsport


quattro-form supports the Formula Student Team of the munich universities.

During a visit of the team they could explain us everything about their car. It was also interesting to have a look at the installed  parts we produced for them.

Trainee 2021


We welcome our new trainee Paul Stöhr and wish him a successfully vocational education in our company!

successfully passed examination


We congratulate our trainees to their successfully passed examination.

We are happy that Robin Haas will stay at our company. Philipp Louis will leave us, we wish him all the best for his future.

Extension of the machinery


We expanded our machinery with an new milling machine Hermle C400. Thereby we could increase our capacity at milling inserts and other mold parts.

trainees 2020


We welcome our new trainees Yannick Bellevallé and Donny Sarewski. We wish them a successfully and good time at our company.

successfully passed examination


We congratulate our new skilled workers for the successfully passed examination. We are happy that all of them will stay in our company.

Donate instead of making a christmas gift


Quattro-form supports since many years the friends association for cancer ill children in Freiburg with a donation. The friends association has different projects which try to make the lives of the children and their families a little bit easier.